Why Self Build
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If you are considering purchasing a Javelin sports car, but are worried about being out on a limb - no fear, there are many others just like you ! - And remember Javelin are able to provide any support you may need.

The Marlin Owners Club is for all owners, builders and enthusiasts of cars originally marketed by Marlin. This includes Marlin, Javelin, YKC and Aquilla. It is worth joining the club even before commencing a build, and if you enjoy the social side of ownership you don't have to be the original builder.

If you would like to go directly to the Marlin sports car Owners Club - Just click on their logo above, or the ' URL website address' below.

Owners Club - www.marlinownersclub.com

         Marlin - Owners Club Picture Gallery

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Jepe Mast spent many keen months building this beautiful Sportster in Holland during 2001. He inspired many who avidly followed his 'Live Sportster Build Webcasts' on Saturdays, which showed every stage during build to completion.

Ray Easterbrook and Roger Cantrell took their Marlin Roadster (now around 20 years old), to victory in the 2002 Exeter trial. It performed outstandingly against modern rivals to take first place, in this notoriously arduous annual event. Triumphantly pictured here visiting the factory on their way home from the event.

Ian White and Sarah Rich drove this Cabrio on the 2001 Liege-Corse endurance trial to a Silver award (a puncture deprived them of Gold), in an event which used the Tour de Corse rally stages on the Corsican mountains.  Exciting hazards included near disaster when the road disappeared under a recent landslide. (Read full story) Ian White & Sarah Rich in Corsica

Paul Hill posing beside his immaculate V8 Rover engined Sportster. Paul said he was particularly impressed by the cars ride and stunning good looks. Red Sportster

These two immaculate Marlin  Berlinettas, seen here standing alongside the Marlin Owners Club flag, were a part of the Clubs fine display at the 2001 factory open day. A brace of Marlin Berlinettas

Mike Plowmans Beautiful Marlin Sportster, pictured here shortly after completion. Absolutely thrilled with it, he has since taken it on many long trips, endurance rallies and a pilgrimage to the Le-Mans 24hr race. Mike Plowman at night in Southern Europe.

This is the first ever Marlin Cabrio - built by Paul Moorhouse. Here it is being driven by Mark Matthews who did exceedingly well amongst tough competition and managed to get on the first row of the grid at Mallory Park. Cabrio Pole Position