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Click for large photo.Individually Crafted

At Javelin, no two cars which leave the factory are ever the same. That's because no one owner has the same tastes and preferences as another.

Each car can therefore be a perfect reflection of a customers own specific needs, desires and personal requirement. We start with discussing what looks like a deceptively simple set of options on the specification sheet. 

What colour would you like? How should the seats and hood be trimmed, and should these shades complement or contrast with the overall shade of the bodywork? Where would you wish the instruments to be located - is your preference for an automatic or a manual transmission? 

Then we check how tall you are and what your preferred driving position is. We even enquire as to your partner's preferences (since a Javelin is too precious a gem not to share with someone you love...).

Armed with this information, we can now put together a detailed build sheet for our craftsmen, allowing them to know by just how much and where to smooth wood, shape metal, and stretch leather in just the right places, so as to make for your total driving pleasure.

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Marking Out Craftsman Made - Not Machine Madechassis

All Javelins are hand-crafted from the same 
basic materials - steel, aluminium and composite sheet, painstakingly cut, shaped, welded or formed. Stage by meticulous stage, the car's unique semi-monocoque, peripheral frame chassis is created.

 A construction that is at one and the same time very stiff, very light...
                                               ...and very, very safe, - and it is engineered by Marlin.

To the trained eye, some of these items may well look familiar. After all, it would be pure vanity for Javelin to embark on development of a unique engine or transmission just for the sake of it. 

But whatever its origin, you can be sure that every switch, braking assembly, gearbox, headlamp .... right down to the smallest nut and bolt used on our cars, is subject to the most stringent quality assurance procedures.

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Pre-Fitting the Bodyshell - click for large photo At this point, the bodywork has yet to be fitted. The focus is on the sophisticated engineering which underpins each Cabrio's classic styling. 

The latest in fuel injected and catalysed power plants. Reliable, durable, low-maintenance - and with sufficient power to endow every car with performance that traditional English sports car designers of the 1930s and even later could only dream about.

Suspension which is subtly tuned to cope with not only smooth sweeping motorway curves, but those exciting bumpy, B Road hairpins which are the natural stamping ground of a car like this. Engineering which provides a production car level of comfort and handling. 

Since after all, Javelins are "production cars" - excepting always that production, in our book will never be associated with "mass".....


The Dream is Made Real

What gives a Cabrio its character is of course the shape. For this is the dream made real: being able to combine modern technology with 30s style. So our technicians give way to craftsmen for this, the final and perhaps most painstaking aspect of a car's construction.

So careful are we to ensure that no blemish attaches to a Cabrio's paintwork, that the body panels are fitted to the car not once, but twice. First to ensure that all panel joins, curves and shut lines are perfectly aligned. Then each vehicle is reduced once more to its functional steel skeleton, whilst the delicate and subtly shaped wings, doors and bonnet are applied with the final colours of your choice.

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Only then, will the two elements of a Cabrio be re-united: technology and style married to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its two parts.

Finally, the finishing touches will be applied. And it is now that the skills of our craftsmen become apparent, as requests and preferences set out when a car was originally specified, are slotted together into the niches reserved for them during earlier construction.

So your car is now completed, standing ready for the first turn of the key, to breath life into a dream which has taken around six weeks to move from raw material, to a finished sculpture of aluminium, leather and chrome. 

A beautiful 'photo album' recording your cars construction, a commemorative brass plaque and your car, are now awaiting - excepting that we ask you to wait and be patient for a little while yet.

Sportster and Hunter

For each and every Javelin is only released to its owner, after a most rigorous shake-down period, intended to highlight any possible faults - however insignificant - prior to delivery. Just the final attention to detail, which is your guarantee of satisfaction from a Javelin, for as many years to come as one of our cars remains yours to cherish.